Knowledge Module on PPPs for Climate-Resilient Infrastructure

The Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) and the World Bank Group launched the Knowledge Module on PPPs for Climate-Resilient Infrastructure to drive private sector participation in the US$1 trillion infrastructure market. This Knowledge Module will provide PPP practitioners from financial institutions and the public sector with the tools and knowledge required to structure investment programs that incorporate climate resilience into infrastructure PPPs.

The ambitious program was announced at the Climate Adaptation Summit 2021 by Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management of the Netherlands. Following the CAS 2021, a High-Level Steering Group, co-chaired by Imad Fakhoury – the World Bank Group´s Director of Infrastructure Finance, PPPs and Guarantees, and Patrick Verkooijen – GCA’s CEO, brought together infrastructure and PPP teams from Multilateral Development Banks and other partner organizations to discuss how GCA and its partners can collaborate to build upstream capacity to integrate climate resilience into PPPs.

GCA is working with AECOM, the world’s premier infrastructure firm, to design and deliver this Knowledge Module on PPPs for Climate-Resilient Infrastructure with financial support from the Netherlands’ Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Through this program, GCA and all stakeholders aim to increase collaboration across the public and private sectors to leverage the financial and social benefits of resilient infrastructure. There is a strong business case for doing so, with the World Bank estimating that every $1 invested in resilience can yield $4 of net benefits. In total, building more resilient infrastructure in low- and middle-income countries could yield $4.2 trillion of net benefits.

The GCA actively supports practitioners to become leaders in climate change adaptation as part of our commitment to build on, improve, and deliver breakthrough climate adaptation solutions. This Knowledge Module is composed of a Handbook and associated professional development Online Course and Masterclass will explore examples of how to incorporate climate resilience into the PPP process and certify practitioners as Climate-Resilient Infrastructure Officers (CRIOs).

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“We need to unlock huge investment in resilient infrastructure but need to integrate climate resilience upstream into infrastructure planning. For that, it is essential to build capacity of professionals working throughout the infrastructure lifecycle. We see Public-Private Partnerships as a key entry-point to ensure new and existing infrastructure is climate resilient.”
Prof. Dr. Patrick Verkooijen, CEO of GCA

Call for Applications

Call for Applications for the CRIO Masterclass on PPPs

Are you a PPP professional, keen to ensure that your infrastructure projects are resilient to climate change?

Become a certified CRIO (Climate-Resilient Infrastructure Officer) PPP specialist

The CRIO Masterclass on PPPs enables practitioners to develop the skills and knowledge needed to become leaders in integrating climate adaptation and infrastructure resilience into the PPP process. The CRIO Masterclass ensures that new and existing projects account for physical climate risks, are able to adapt to different future scenarios, and harness the potential of Nature-Based Solutions throughout the infrastructure lifecycle –planning, delivery and management.

Following completion of the CRIO Masterclass on PPPs, you will join a network of professionals to exchange knowledge and meet leading experts and institutions working with PPPs, infrastructure, climate adaptation and resilience. They will share best practice examples of sustainable and resilient infrastructure (systems), which includes the use of Nature-Based Solutions. This is a great opportunity to develop new skills in a hands-on way to implement in each practitioner’s field of work.

How is the course structured?

The Knowledge Module consists of three elements: the Handbook (online and freely accessible), the CRIO Online Course, and the CRIO Masterclass to certified Climate-Resilient Infrastructure Officers on PPPs.

The CRIO Masterclass will be held for one week in the Netherlands, where prospective CRIOs will be able to meet in-person and see cutting-edge projects. Prior to the CRIO Masterclass the CRIO Online Course offered to all participants. The course can be completed at the participants own speed and time allocation prior to the start of the CRIO Masterclass.

The CRIO Masterclass is scheduled to take place from 23rd to 27th August 2021. It is a full-time course with 25 hours of training and additional space for group activities, course work presentations and visit of projects. Given the evolving restrictions relating to Covid-19, the Masterclass may be held online if it is not feasible to be held in person.

What are the requirements?

The training is designed for PPP practitioners: engineers, asset managers, government officials as well as professionals from Ministries, International Finance Institutions, private sector and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), among other relevant organisations, from all regions in the world that are directly involved in PPP, infrastructure and/or climate resilience practices in a national or international context.

To ensure a common ground in understanding of PPPs, it is expected that participants who want to obtain the CRIO certification will have undertaken a basic certification on PPPs, such as the CP3P Foundation exam, or demonstrate an equivalent level of understanding prior to this course. This will ensure the consistent use and understanding of the same terminology and the fundamental concepts related to PPPs.

The process is open to applicants of all nationalities, with preference given to applicants from the Global South.

What are the benefits?

CRIOs will have the opportunity to experience cutting-edge training and exposure to real-world examples of climate resilient infrastructure. Peer-to-peer learning is a key tool to identify and share international best practices on how to incorporate climate risks, adaptation, and resilience.

By being part of the CRIO network, you will become part of a forum for different professionals, partners and other relevant stakeholders to showcase how they have incorporated climate resilience in different projects. This network will also stimulate discussions on the opportunities and challenges to bridge the investment gap in infrastructure.

What does it cost?

The Global Center on Adaptation will cover the costs for the first cohort of participants.

How to apply?

Please submit your application to on our recruitment platform by 14th March 2021.
To answer open questions, we will offer a webinar for clarifications, in the 4th March 2021. Please send an email to with the subject line “Webinar PPP” to express your interest.