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The Inaugural GCA CEO’s Annual Lecture

The first annual lecture of GCA CEO Prof. Dr. Patrick Verkooijen on the state of adaptation action, which has a special focus on Africa. Providing a clear policy assessment of the urgent need for adaptation action in Africa and a clear set of recommendations for action, the lecture will set the scene ahead of Glasgow for why adaptation, and especially adaptation in Africa, is so important for the global climate agenda.

26 October 2021

Global Center on Adaptation High-Level Communique: The Adaptation Acceleration Imperative for COP26

Over fifty leaders from the international climate and development community attended the Dialogue which concluded with a Communique adopted in the presence of the Dialogue’s Co-Conveners.

6 September 2021

Global Center on Adaptation

A Blueprint for Digital Climate-Informed Advisory Services: Building the Resilience of 300 Million Small-Scale Producers by 2030

This paper discusses the role of digital climate-informed advisory services in building the resilience of small-holder producers by 2030.

29 July 2021

Global Commission on Adaptation

Joint Statement on Accelerating Climate Adaptation in Cities – 1000 Cities Adapt Now global program

Cities and their growing populations are impacted by climate change on a daily basis. The need to accelerate adaptation in cities and to invest in solutions with multiple benefits is higher than ever before.

25 January 2021

Global Center on Adaptation, World Resources Institute, Resilient Cities Network, UN-Habitat

Principles for Locally Led Adaptation Action

The Global Commission on Adaptation developed a set of principles, based on over a year of consultations, to strengthen locally led adaptation. As of July 2021, over 70 organizations have endorsed these principles, committing to make changes and strengthening existing efforts to meet this urgent adaptation agenda.

24 January 2021

Global Youth Call to Action: Adapt for Our Future

Today, the world is home to the largest generation of youth in history, with 1.8 billion worldwide.

21 January 2021

Global Center on Adaptation

Global Scientists Call for Economic Stimulus to Address Climate Adaptation and Covid

With global greenhouse gas emissions rapidly increasing, our fast-warming world is already experiencing major disruptions from more intense droughts, fires, heatwaves, floods, destructive tropical cyclones and other extreme events.

18 January 2021

William R. Moomaw, Beverly Law, William Ripple, Patrick V. Verkooijen, Saleemul Huq and Chris Gordon

15 January 2021

Global Center on Adaptation

Stocktake of Climate-resilient Infrastructure Standards

Consistent standards, codes, guidance documents and rating systems (collectively “standards”) underpin efforts to ensure that infrastructure is resilient to climate change.

21 December 2020

Danilo Cançado and Michael Mullan