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State and Trends in Climate Adaptation Finance 2024

This report covers global status and trends of adaptation finance and provides a deeper analysis of Africa at a regional level, given the heightened adaptation needs and opportunities on the continent. Across the globe, and especially in Africa, climate smart and resilient development pathways offer enormous investment opportunities with a triple dividend of avoided losses, positive economic gains, and enhanced social and environmental benefits.

18 April 2024

Co-directed by Dr. Ede Jorge Ijjasz-Vasquez and Prof. Jamal Saghir

Accelerating Adaptation Finance – Africa and Global Perspectives

In the context of the Africa Climate Summit, this policy brief highlights the need to dramatically increase the amount and efficacy of adaptation financing to Africa. This brief also spotlights the persistent challenges related to adaptation finance flows in Africa, and highlights priority actions for the global finance community to undertake to address them. 

4 September 2023

Strategy and Planning to Redouble Adaptation in Africa: A Review

This study provides a detailed review of the national strategic adaptation documents prepared by governments in the African continent. It examines the main characteristics of these strategic adaptation plans, their depth and coverage, and the degree to which these documents demonstrate a supportive environment to implement the most critical adaptation programs at scale for each country.

4 September 2023

Financial Innovation for Climate Adaptation in Africa 2022

There is a pressing need to accelerate finance from all sources for climate adaptation in Africa over the coming decade. This report presents recommendations to increase the volume and efficacy of adaptation finance flows for Africa.

30 August 2022

Morgan Richmond, Bella Tonkonogy, Rajashree Padmanabhi, Angela Ortega Pastor, Neil Chin, Chetan Hebbale, Jamal Saghir, Ede Jorge Ijjasz-Vasquez

Climate risk regulation in Africa’s financial sector and related private sector initiatives

This report seeks to assess the integration of climate-related risks in the prudential, financial, regulatory, and supervisory frameworks of a selection of African countries and identify potential levers to incentivise their internalisation.

8 November 2021

Green Bonds for Climate Resilience – A Guide for Issuers

This Guide is intended to encourage and support a greater number of actors, and the banks that are financing them, to issue green bonds to tap the capital markets to raise the finance needed for climate adaptation and resilience. Encouraging and supporting these early movers would in turn help to create a virtuous circle of greater issuer and investor experience and confidence to catalyse the mobilisation of finance for climate resilience action at scale.

28 October 2021

This report was prepared by the Climate Bonds Initiative for the Global Center on Adaptation, in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Financial Innovation for Climate Adaptation in Africa

This report provides an overview of existing adaptation finance flows in Africa and identifies opportunities to increase the volume and efficacy of that finance.

25 October 2021

Morgan Richmond, June Choi, Rajashree Padmanabhi, Amanda Lonsdale, Jamal Saghir (Chair), Ede Jorge Ijjasz-Vasquez, Ian Noble, Michiel Schaeffer

Innovative Financing Models for Private Sector Investment in Nature Based Solutions for Adaptation

The Global Commission on Adaptation’s Action Track on Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) hosted a virtual workshop on Innovative Financing Models for Private Investment in Nature-Based Solutions for Adaptation on 14 October 2020.

23 January 2021

Global Commission on Adaptation

Adaptation Finance in the Context of Covid-19

A world in which global crop yields fall by almost one-third, billions of people are left with insufficient water, and hundreds of millions in coastal cities are forced from their homes is not some dystopian fantasy.

18 January 2021

Morgan Richmond, June Choi, Paul Rosane, Matthew Solomon, Bella Tonkonogy (CPI), Dominic Molloy, Felipe Larrain and Jennifer Jacobowitz Rae (GCA)