Our Team

Experts and Staff

Patrick Verkooijen

Chief Executive Officer

Edward Mharadzirwa

Director of Finance and Operation

Marta Roxberg

Director of Development

Mike Girling

Director of External Affairs

Nitin Jain

Director of Programs

Susan Shen

Regional Director for Asia

Charles Nhemachena

Acting Regional Director for Africa

Ede Ijjasz-Vásquez

Senior Advisor, Africa

Jamal Saghir

Senior Advisor

Alexandra Gee

Head of Communications

Shaikh Muhammed Mehedi Ahsan

Country Manager Bangladesh

Matthew McKinnon

Program Head, CVF

Abul Kalam Azad

Distinguished Fellow

Bruce Campbell

Senior Advisor, Food Security & Rural Well-being

Saleemul Huq

Senior Advisor, Locally-led Action

Seyni Nafo

Senior Advisor, Africa

Felipe Larraín Bascuñán

Senior Advisor, Climate Finance

Ian Noble

Senior Advisor

Aramide Abe

Program Lead, Jobs for Youth & Entrepreneurship

Abraar Ahmad

Program Operations Officer

Oluyede Ajayi

Global Lead, Food Security and Rural Well Being

Oluwabunmi Ajilore

Senior Program Officer, Food Security and Rural Well Being

Tarif Ajjoub

Human Resources Business Partner 

Alphonse Akouyu 

Program Officer, Youth Jobs & Entrepreneurship

Olivia Allen

Facilitator of Water Adaptation Community

Amanda Archibong

Senior Partnerships Manager, Africa

Adam Bagyi

Program Officer, International Panel on Deltas and Coastal Areas (IPDC)

Motasin Billah

Internal Audit and Compliance Officer

Floris Boogaard

Affiliated Researcher

Adele Cadario

Program Lead, Infrastructure & Nature-Based Solutions

Javier Carmona Diaz


Yuchen Chen

Executive Assistant

Christopher Chung

Senior Urban Specialist

Pierre Conille

Senior Officer, Digital Communications & Diplomacy

Andrea Contreras

Human Resources Officer

Jingjing Dai

Program Officer

Julia Eichhorn

Research Analyst

Daniel Flores Corral

Research Analyst

Niccolò Delporto

Junior Program Officer, Youth Leadership

Ysabella Goedhart

Junior Program Officer, Research for Impact

Alphonce Guzha

Senior Specialist, Water and Urban

Ali Haider

Senior Climate Finance Specialist

Harriet Hopmans-Aisu

Senior Operations Support Officer

Riadadh Hossain

Program Officer, Locally Led Adaptation

Shadiqul Islam

Finance Officer

Tanim Istiaque

Senior Program Officer, Infrastructure & Nature–Based Solutions

Nusrat Jahan

Administrative and Operations Officer, South Asia

Marijn Kallenberg

Junior Program Officer, Urban Africa

Priya Kanchan

Manager Grants and Donor Engagement

Folake Kareem

Research Analyst

Julia Kazmierkiewicz

Procurement Officer

Naureen Laila

Senior Program Officer, Infrastructure & Nature-Based Solutions

Shahrin Mannan

Program Officer, Locally Led Adaptation

Chisala Mutale

Senior Procurement Officer

Chinedu Moghalu

Senior Communication Advisor to the CEO

Arnoud Molenaar

Affiliated Lead Urban

Grace Muinga

Gender Specialist

Rachel Mundilo

Senior Program Officer, CVF/V20

Sirazoom Munira

Program Officer, CVF/V20

Serah Nderitu

Senior Program Officer, Youth Jobs & Entrepreneurship

Celine Novenario

Senior Communications Manager

Mercy Nyambura 

Senior Program Officer, Food Security

Menno Paauwe

Human Resources Manager

Feisal Rahman

Senior Water Climate Adaptation Specialist

Anju Sharma

Lead, Locally Led Adaptation

David Sharrock


Aswin Stuivenberg

Research Analyst

Kassahun Suleman

Senior Program Officer, Locally Led Adaptation

Xun Sun

Senior Researcher

Nicholas Tandi

Senior Specialist, Urban Africa

Edith Tea

Junior Program Officer, Food Security and Rural Well Being

Gül Tuçaltan

Manager, Research for Impact

Adriana Patricia
Valenzuela Jimenez

Thematic Lead, Youth Leadership and Education

María José Vásquez

Program Officer, CVF/V20

ANM Rafi Uddin


Mosleh Uddin

Senior Program Officer – Climate Finance, South Asia

Joep Verhagen

Program Lead, Water & Urban

Ciska Voncken

Senior Executive Assistant to the CEO

Tom Wherry

Principal Private Secretary to the CEO

Selamawit Wubet

Program Coordinator, CVF

Yuelin Wu

Digital Content Creator

Sussy Yunes

Office & Facility Support Officer 

Amara Zongo

Research Fellow