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Three ways tourism can support climate adaptation

16 February 2024

Celine Novenario and Marianne Kleiberg

GCA’s Youth Advisory Panel 2024 Announced

31 January 2024

Three ways that clean energy innovation and climate change adaptation can work in lockstep

26 January 2024

Celine Novenario and Tanim Istiaque

YouthADAPT Challenge Winner Ecobarter: Transforming Waste into Value to Combat Urban Flooding in Nigeria

23 January 2024

Shirlyn Kimani

Educate to Adapt: The Interconnected Paths of Learning and Climate

12 January 2024

Ede Jorge Ijjasz-Vasquez and Adriana Valenzuela

Using Satellite Technology to Combat Water Scarcity in India

11 December 2023

Equipping Communities and Local Governments with the Tools to Finance Adaptation Interventions in Bangladesh

11 December 2023

Ecotechnologies and Knowledge-Sharing to Strengthen Adaptation Capacity in Mexico

11 December 2023

Empowering Tanzanian Women as Climate Change Decision Makers in Pastoralist Societies

11 December 2023

Global youth adaptation movement urges leaders to scale up adaptation finance  

6 December 2023

Thriving Through Change: Innovative Adaptation Tools for Resilient Food Systems in Africa

21 November 2023

Kelvin Mashisia Shikuku and Oluyede Clifford Ajayi

Water Security: How one YouthADAPT winner is driving sustainable water, energy and irrigation technologies in Malawi 

6 November 2023

Sara Diaz