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Youth in Climate Adaptation: Moving towards the Digitalization of Agriculture

10 June 2021

By Emily Ongus

GCA moves to world’s largest floating office, a model of self-sufficient climate-resilient design

6 May 2021

Gabriela Díaz Musmanni

From the Field: Flood-prone communities in Accra, Ghana, require urgent, locally-led adaptation assistance

3 May 2021

Gabriela Díaz Musmanni

World Leaders to tackle Africa Covid-Climate Emergency through Scale-Up in Adaptation

7 April 2021

Gabriela Díaz Musmanni

Equitable land restoration in rural India means listening to every level of the community

23 February 2021

Ruchika Singh, Marie Duraisami, Rohini Chaturvedi, Karishma Shelar and Rajendra Singh

How Somalia and Ethiopia are finding solutions for a surge of ‘climate migrants’

29 January 2021

Ambika Chawla

This is how farmers are using satellites to enhance adaptation

28 January 2021

Angela Wipperman

What can we learn from climate groups fighting the COVID-19 crisis?

27 January 2021

Emma Illick-Frank

How climate-smart farming is bringing jobs back to Nepal

26 January 2021

Aadesh Subedi

Why prioritizing workers’ health over productivity is crucial when facing rising temperatures

26 January 2021

Rina Chandran

How one man in India is bringing mangroves back to life in his community

25 January 2021

Ankita Sengupta

5 places in the world you might not expect to be affected by water shortages

24 January 2021

Andrew Wright