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Joint Statement on Accelerating Climate Adaptation in Cities – 1000 Cities Adapt Now global program

Cities and their growing populations are impacted by climate change on a daily basis. The need to accelerate adaptation in cities and to invest in solutions with multiple benefits is higher than ever before.

25 January 2021

Global Center on Adaptation, World Resources Institute, Resilient Cities Network, UN-Habitat

Innovative Financing Models for Private Sector Investment in Nature Based Solutions for Adaptation

The Global Commission on Adaptation’s Action Track on Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) hosted a virtual workshop on Innovative Financing Models for Private Investment in Nature-Based Solutions for Adaptation on 14 October 2020.

23 January 2021

Global Commission on Adaptation

Living with water climate adaptation in the worlds deltas

Lighthouse cases for scaling up and accelerating water adaptation in delta countries

22 January 2021

A System-wide Approach for Infrastructure Resilience

A revolution in the planning, design, financing, and delivery of infrastructure is urgently needed to meet the acute needs of our warming world.

22 January 2021

Asian Development Bank and Global Center on Adaptation

Global Youth Call to Action Adapt for Our Future

Today, the world is home to the largest generation of youth in history, with 1.8 billion worldwide.

21 January 2021

Global Scientists Call for Economic Stimulus to Address Climate Adaptation and Covid

With global greenhouse gas emissions rapidly increasing, our fast-warming world is already experiencing major disruptions from more intense droughts, fires, heatwaves, floods, destructive tropical cyclones and other extreme events.

18 January 2021

William R. Moomaw, Beverly Law, William Ripple, Patrick V. Verkooijen, Saleemul Huq and Chris Gordon

Adaptation Finance in the Context of Covid-19

A world in which global crop yields fall by almost one-third, billions of people are left with insufficient water, and hundreds of millions in coastal cities are forced from their homes is not some dystopian fantasy.

18 January 2021

Morgan Richmond, June Choi, Paul Rosane, Matthew Solomon, Bella Tonkonogy (CPI), Dominic Molloy, Felipe Larrain and Jennifer Jacobowitz Rae (GCA)

15 January 2021

A Green and Resilient Recovery for Latin America

As governments around the world prepare massive stimulus packages to repair the damage of COVID-19 shutdowns, they should be harnessing this opportunity to build stronger, more resilient societies.

14 January 2021