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Green Bonds for Climate Resilience – A Guide for Issuers

This Guide is intended to encourage and support a greater number of actors, and the banks that are financing them, to issue green bonds to tap the capital markets to raise the finance needed for climate adaptation and resilience. Encouraging and supporting these early movers would in turn help to create a virtuous circle of greater issuer and investor experience and confidence to catalyse the mobilisation of finance for climate resilience action at scale.

28 October 2021

This report was prepared by the Climate Bonds Initiative for the Global Center on Adaptation, in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Green Bonds for Climate Resilience – State of Play and Roadmap to Scale

This paper aims to deepen current understanding of the state of play of green bonds that are financing climate resilience- related assets, projects, and activities (hereafter referred to as Green Bonds for Climate Resilience).

28 October 2021

This report was prepared by the Climate Bonds Initiative for the Global Center on Adaptation, in cooperation with the EBRD.

The Inaugural GCA CEO’s Annual Lecture

The first annual lecture of GCA CEO Prof. Dr. Patrick Verkooijen on the state of adaptation action, which has a special focus on Africa. Providing a clear policy assessment of the urgent need for adaptation action in Africa and a clear set of recommendations for action, the lecture will set the scene ahead of Glasgow for why adaptation, and especially adaptation in Africa, is so important for the global climate agenda.

26 October 2021

State and Trends in Adaptation Report 2021

State and Trends in Adaptation 2021 combines in-depth analyses, case studies, and viewpoints from those on the frontlines of climate change impacts in Africa. It presents a detailed blueprint for action: offering innovative adaptation and resilience ideas, solutions, and policy recommendations.

25 October 2021

Co-directed by Dr. Ede Jorge Ijjasz-Vasquez, Prof. Jamal Saghir, and Dr. Ian Noble

Financial Innovation for Climate Adaptation in Africa

This report provides an overview of existing adaptation finance flows in Africa and identifies opportunities to increase the volume and efficacy of that finance.

25 October 2021

Morgan Richmond, June Choi, Rajashree Padmanabhi, Amanda Lonsdale, Jamal Saghir (Chair), Ede Jorge Ijjasz-Vasquez, Ian Noble, Michiel Schaeffer

Climate-Resilient Infrastructure Officer Handbook

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are a key entry point to integrate climate adaptation and resilience into infrastructure projects and address climate change impacts. Yet, while there is a strong body of knowledge on guidance for PPPs and literature on climate risks, resilience, and infrastructure, countries lack information on how to bring those two fields together.

13 September 2021

Global Center on Adaptation, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management of the Netherlands, World Bank Group, and other partners.

Global Center on Adaptation High-Level Communique: The Adaptation Acceleration Imperative for COP26

Over fifty leaders from the international climate and development community attended the Dialogue which concluded with a Communique adopted in the presence of the Dialogue’s Co-Conveners.

6 September 2021

Global Center on Adaptation

Young People and Drivers and Barriers to Climate Adaptation Action

Young people are going to bear the brunt of climate change, so we must involve them—now—as we draw up solutions.

10 August 2021

Global Center on Adaptation, Centre for Environment Education, Kai Analytics, Foundation for Environmental Education

A Blueprint for Digital Climate-Informed Advisory Services: Building the Resilience of 300 Million Small-Scale Producers by 2030

This paper discusses the role of digital climate-informed advisory services in building the resilience of small-holder producers by 2030.

29 July 2021

Global Commission on Adaptation