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Financial Innovation for Climate Adaptation in Africa 2022

There is a pressing need to accelerate finance from all sources for climate adaptation in Africa over the coming decade. This report presents recommendations to increase the volume and efficacy of adaptation finance flows for Africa.

30 August 2022

Morgan Richmond, Bella Tonkonogy, Rajashree Padmanabhi, Angela Ortega Pastor, Neil Chin, Chetan Hebbale, Jamal Saghir, Ede Jorge Ijjasz-Vasquez

Case Studies on Adaptation and Climate Resilience in Schools and Educational Settings

This publication documents 15 innovative ideas and actions adopted and implemented by educational institutes in Africa, and across the globe. The purpose of this knowledge product is to provide case study examples on adaptation and climate resilience in schools, to offers insights to schools based in Africa, and to amplify real life climate adaptation actions, designed and implemented in different countries across the world.

4 May 2022

Global Center on Adaptation, Centre for Environment Education, Foundation for Environmental Education

Ghana: Roadmap for Resilient Infrastructure in a Changing Climate

The proposed 35 prioritised adaptation options provide opportunities for funders and investors to invest in Ghana’s future, offering impactful, evidence-based adaptation projects and enabling environment interventions backed by robust research and analysis.

24 March 2022


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