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It’s Time To Scale Up African Solutions for the Continent’s Food and Climate Crises

10 March 2023

President William Ruto, Akinwumi Adesina and Patrick Verkooijen

Bangladesh is a global pioneer in preparing for climate migrants

15 February 2023

Patrick Verkooijen and Ban Ki-moon

The climate is already collapsing in Africa – but its nations have a plan

4 November 2022

President Emmanuel Macron, President Macky Sall, and Prime Minister Mark Rutte

Africa Is Doubling Down On Climate Adaptation. Here’s Why It Deserves Support

9 September 2022


G7 Should Look to Africa for Lessons in How to Manage Multiple Crises

24 June 2022

Climate action should not be a casualty of war in Ukraine

29 April 2022

Patrick Verkooijen and Ban Ki-moon

Towards a Blue Peace in Africa: The power of adaptation

19 April 2022

Patrick Verkooijen

Out of Ukraine war, a plan for Africa’s food security

25 March 2022

We Are All Maldivians

17 February 2022

Mohamed Nasheed and Patrick Verkooijen