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Africa Is Doubling Down On Climate Adaptation. Here’s Why It Deserves Support

9 September 2022


G7 Should Look to Africa for Lessons in How to Manage Multiple Crises

24 June 2022

Climate action should not be a casualty of war in Ukraine

29 April 2022

Patrick Verkooijen and Ban Ki-moon

Towards a Blue Peace in Africa: The power of adaptation

19 April 2022

Patrick Verkooijen

Out of Ukraine war, a plan for Africa’s food security

25 March 2022

We Are All Maldivians

17 February 2022

Mohamed Nasheed and Patrick Verkooijen

The climate crisis is destroying the human rights of those least responsible for it

30 September 2021

Patrick Verkooijen and A.K. Abdul Momen

We have a final opportunity to respond to climate change. Will we take it?

13 September 2021

How to prepare supply chains for the next global crisis

4 August 2021