Green Bonds for Climate Resilience: Unlocking Trillions for a Resilient Future


9 September 2021, 16:00 CEST

The Climate Bonds Conference brings together influential people and organizations to discuss how the debt capital markets are financing climate action.

Event description:

Catalysing the green bond market to direct capital toward resilience offers a win-win value proposition to investors, issuers, and governments alike. In just over a decade, the green bond market has matured into one of the biggest innovations in sustainable finance, yet only 16% of deals to date have been used to finance projects that address resilience. With global sustainable investment growing at a double-digit rate, we cannot allow another decade to pass before harnessing the momentum of the green bond market to mobilise trillions of dollars for a more resilient society. In this session we will hear from issuers, investors, and thought leaders on the role of green bonds in the Race to Resilience, and discuss the key actions required to scale up capital flows toward investments in resilience.


  • Joyce Coffee, President, Climate Resilience Consulting
  • Maria Tapia, Lead Climate Finance Program, Global Center on Adaptation
  • Stacy Swann, CEO and Board Director, Climate Finance Advisors