Launch of the African Agriculture Adaptation Tracking Tool


21 February 2024, 14:00 CET

Wide stakeholder participation can help tailor this pilot to users’ needs and constraints, unlocking its full potential to advance resilient, prosperous agricultural systems across Africa.

Event description

Climate change poses an existential threat to African agriculture and food security, with smallholder farmers being disproportionately impacted. Urgently integrating climate adaptation into national and subnational policies is crucial for building resilience, yet systemic challenges around planning and tracking adaptation progress remain.

The AAA Initiative Foundation (AAA) has spearheaded the development of the Adaptation Tracking Tool in collaboration with the Alliance of Bioversity International and International Center on Tropical Agriculture (Alliance of Bioversity-CIAT).

This initiative is designed to enhance knowledge sharing and capacity building for adaptation projects, with a specific emphasis on strengthening the resilience of Africa’s agriculture sector. The project aligns closely with the “6 flagship programs” outlined by the Africa Adaptation Initiative (AAI).

This innovative online tool aims to support countries by:

  • Cataloguing projects, partners and approaches in one searchable repository to foster coordination and build on what works across the continent.
  • Providing tools and approaches for context-specific planning, implementation and monitoring to tackle fragmentation and capacity gaps.
  • Enabling collaboration and information sharing between stakeholders to enrich adaptation initiatives.

Join the Official Launch Event to:

  • Hear speakers from African governments, regional bodies and communities underscore the urgency of prioritizing and mainstreaming climate adaptation.
  • See firsthand tool demonstrations of how the Tracking Tool can strengthen national policy and programming with evidence-based insights.
  • Network with fellow stakeholders and share insights from your work and experience to help enrich this collaborative tool.

Opening remarks and introduction

  • Dr. Riad Balaghi, Director of Projects, AAA Initiative Foundation
  • Ambassador Seyni Nafo, AAA General Secretary, AAI Coordinator
  • Dr. Oluyede Ajayi, Global Program Lead, Food Security and Rural Wellbeing, GCA

Demonstration of the tool

  • Lucy Njinguna, Postdoctoral fellow, CIAT


  • Todd Rosenstock, Principal scientist, CIAT


  • Dr. Riad Balaghi, Director of Projects, AAA Initiative Foundation

Moderator: Karim Anegay, AAA Initiative Foundation