Meet the Local Adaptation Champions

GCA Pavilion

14 November 2022, 16:00 EGY

Event description:

The winners of GCA’s 2022 Local Adaptation Champions Awards will be announced on 12 November 2022. The Awards aim to reward and spotlight innovative, exemplary, inspiring, and scalable locally-led efforts that address the impacts of climate change, and build effective climate resilience among the most vulnerable communities. They aim to: 

  • Recognize the critical contribution of locally-led adaptation (LLA) and resilience building. 
  • Identify best practices and learn from locally-led efforts. 
  • Nurture and support replication/scaling up of successful and innovative LLA efforts, by creating opportunities for peer-to-peer sharing of knowledge, learning, and experiences across borders; identifying opportunities for scaling up; and brokering partnerships.  
  • Contribute to ongoing LLA efforts through cash awards.  

In 2022, the LAC Awards recognized the efforts of local adaptation practitioners in four categories; Inclusive leadership; Financial governance; Capacity and knowledge; and Local innovation. 


Moderator Anju Sharma, Global Lead, Locally Led Adaptation, GCA 
16:00-16:15: Short interventions by members of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for the Awards  
Presentations by Award Winners, followed by short Q&A
16:15-16:30: Presentation on Financial Governance 
16:30-15:45: Presentation on Inclusive Leadership 
16:45-17:00: Presentation on Knowledge and Capacity 
17:00-17:15: Presentation on Local Innovation 
17:15-17:30: Audience discussion