Youth Adaptation Dialogue: Role of Universities and Students in Locally-led Adaptation


23 June 2021, 15:00 CEST

This intergenerational dialogue aims to connect youth networks, climate experts, youth climate activists, and environmental change makers from across the globe to talk about how locally-led adaptation plays a vital role in tackling climate change.

Event description:

Globally, people & communities on the frontlines of climate change are often the most active and innovative in developing adaptation solutions. Yet, too often, they lack access to the resources and decision-making power needed to implement them effectively. This dialogue aims to identify how universities, research organizations and civil society groups can support and leverage the innovation and creativity of people and communities to develop solutions based on their own local knowledge and experiences of climate change impacts. Inclusive and participatory approaches, called ‘locally-led adaptation’, can ensure that climate adaptation initiatives become more equitable, effective, and accountable to communities. 

Among all stakeholders, youth worldwide will have to play an important role in leading this pathway where inclusion, participation and equity will create a more holistic approach in climate change adaptation. Educational and research institutions influence the minds of young environmentalists, by helping the next generation to harness traditional knowledge, local conservation & nature-based solutions to build a more resilient future. Giving our youth the right kinds of platforms is an integral part of universities and research centers so they can voice their ideas, share their experiences, and create meaningful partnerships (both nationally & internationally).

This dialogue will help identify common adaptation issues among different countries, where youth can make a difference, and how the GCA Youth Adaptation Network can help accelerate adaptation action.


  • Keynote talk: Dr. Saleemul Huq, Director, International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) and Senior Advisor, Locally-led Action, GCA
  • Principles of Locally-led Adaptation: Dr. Aditya V. Bahadur, Principal Researcher, Human Settlement Group, IIED
  • Good practices of Locally-led Adaptation: Case study from Uganda: Gordon Yofesi Mwesigwa, Coordinator, Community-based Internship and Research Activities, Makarere University
  • Good practices of Locally-led Adaptation: Case study from Paraguay: Joyce Najm Mendez, Msc Sustainability and Adaptation Planning, Youth Adaptation Network Member
  • Good practices of Locally-led Adaptation: Case study from the Netherlands: Ardy Saarloos, MSc Climate Studies, Wageningen University
  • Moderator: Adriana Valenzuela, GCA Youth Leadership Program Lead