Youth Adaptation Forum Bonn

This is a private event

Bonn, Germany

8 June 2023, 12:00 CEST

Taking place during the UNFCCC SB58, the Youth Adaptation Forum in Bonn will bring together young people, governments, civil society, practitioners, international organizations, and decision-makers to foster an intergenerational dialogue on adaptation. The outcomes of the Forum will contribute towards GCA’s Guide on Youth Engagement with National Adaptation Plans. 

Participation selection through YOUNGO

Event description:

Young people are agents of change. By bringing innovation and creativity, young people can spur adaptation action and drive resilience. As young people will experience the consequences of climate change the longest, it is important that young people are engaged in the formulation and implementation of adaptation policies and actions, including National Adaptation Plans (NAPs).  

Young people are crucial in enabling climate-resilient development. Engaging young people in adaptation policies will lead to more equitable and socially just adaptation actions.1 To promote youth engagement in adaptation, the Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) is organizing six regional Youth Adaptation Forums around the world, rallying young people around the adaptation agenda ahead of the Africa Climate Action Summit and COP28. The Africa Climate Action Summit will be co-hosted by the Government of Kenya and the African Union Commission, and co-convened by the African Development Bank and GCA. 

Key objectives:

  • Global Goal on Adaptation: Promote the perspectives of young people in international adaptation processes including the Global Goal on Adaptation to advance inclusive and equitable adaptation decision-making and action.  
  • National Adaptations Plans: Promote youth participation in national policy- and decision-making processes, including in National Adaptation Plans.  
  • Youth-led Adaptation Solutions: Catalyze innovative ideas and adaptation action in young people, by featuring African youth leadership around the world including the African YouthADAPT winners.