Youth Toolkit & Capacity-Building Presentation

This is a private event

Continental Plaza Beach Resort, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

10 November 2022, 18:30

Event description:

The 90-minute event will present the capacity-building project for young people on leadership & adaptation, by the Global Center on Adaptation and the CARE Climate Justice Centre. The Toolkit for Youth on Leadership & Adaptation will provide capacity-building for youth organizations in 10 African countries. The project includes a Toolkit for Youth on Leadership & Adaptation, a train the trainers course and a roll out of workshops for young people. The event will bring together young leaders, youth organizations, government representatives and civil society organizations by invitation only.

The event aims to:

  • Raise the visibility of the capacity-building toolkit and train the trainers for youth on leadership & adaptation with youth organizations and governments.
  • Present the toolkit for youth on leadership & adaptation to youth organizations, governments and civil society.
  • Highlight the importance of youth engagement in adaptation policy and action.