Locally Led Planning


This Guide provides resources for locally-led, inclusive, multisectoral upgrading for climate resilience in urban informal settlements. Designed as a guide not a toolkit, it pays particular attention to context and its variation across cities and countries — the principles, guides and methods in this document must be translated to each unique context. It can help replicate the approaches and roles taken by institutions and people for comprehensive, transformative upgrading — based largely on the experience from the Mukuru Special Planning Area (SPA) in Nairobi, Kenya — but not the specific plans themselves. While the focus is on Africa, the lessons can be applied elsewhere as well.

Locally Led Planning: A Guide for Building Climate Resilience in Urban Informal Settlements

T he Guide is comprised of a variety of content in PDFs that you can download. These documents are organized across several web pages. Use the directory below to navigate the Guide.


The what, why and how of this guide.


Articles exploring key concepts and case studies in locally-led, inclusive and multisectoral upgrading of urban informal settlements for climate resilience.

Guides and Methods

In-depth discussions of key practices and methodologies as well as practical considerations for translating concepts to your context.


Short videos highlighting key lessons from the Mukuru approach and strategies for undertaking locally-led upgrading for climate resilience.

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Locally Led Adaptation

We need to ensure action is locally led, to involve communities in adaptation decision-making and co-creation of solutions, and ensure climate finance reaches communities.

GCA Local Adaptation Champions Awards

The GCA Local Adaptation Champions Awards reward inspiring, innovative and scalable locally led efforts to address climate change and build resilience among vulnerable communities.

Reporting on Locally Led Adaptation

This training opportunity will offer 12 multimedia journalists a chance to deepen their understanding of the impacts of climate change on the lives of people, and why local leadership is key to developing responses.

Communicating on Locally Led Adaptation

Twelve Locally Led Adaptation practitioners will have the opportunity to train on how to communicate their efforts more effectively.

Call for Partnerships: GCA Global Hub on Locally Led Adaptation

GCA seeks to work with institutions that have experience in successfully promoting and scaling up Locally Led Adaptation.