N’Djamena Urban Resilience Project

T he Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) is supporting the World Bank Group in preparing and implementing the N’Djamena Urban Resilience Project. The project aims to reduce flood risk and strengthen climate-resilient urban planning and services in the capital city of Chad. GCA is providing this support through the Africa Adaptation Acceleration Program (AAAP).

GCA is providing technical support to improve how investments are prioritized. Specifically, GCA has conducted a gender vulnerability assessment within the city and is co-designing the community engagement strategy. Additionally, GCA will conduct a flood risk assessment to inform the city’s flood mitigation measures.

Investment Value Influenced by GCA

US$150 million



Implementation Period



GCA’s Added Value

GCA’s interventions include:

  • Gender Vulnerability Assessment, which confirmed that women are vulnerable to climate change through disruptions in livelihoods and basic services, leading to an increase in gender-based violence
  • Community Engagement Strategy that will be co-designed to complement the project’s support to local communities to ‘build-back-better’ after the 2022 floods
  • Investment Prioritization, which proposes priority flood mitigation measures at the city level based on an existing flood modeling assessment

Expected Outcomes

The following outcomes are influenced by GCA’s support:

  • Narrowed gender gap through measures that improve women’s access to basic services and flood warnings, and promote women-led urban agriculture
  • Facilitated investments with community needs at the center, especially addressing the needs expressed by communities and vulnerable groups such as women
  • Gender-informed prioritized master planning
  • Informed the project’s second phase investments with a focus on mitigating flood risks of urban services for the most vulnerable groups