Case Studies on Adaptation and Climate Resilience in Schools and Educational Settings

Preparing younger generations in Africa and worldwide is fundamental for building a climate resilient future. Education encourages people to change their attitudes and behavior, and enables them to be part of the solutions, while also empowering them to make informed decisions. Climate change education in classrooms helps young people understand the impact of global warming and learn how to adapt to climate change, and can motivate young people to take action.

Educational institutions can play an instrumental role in local level climate adaptation and resilience building. They create spaces for peer learning, innovative ideas, community awareness, and implement practical solutions. Sharing knowledge, best practices and concrete experiences on how to engage younger generations in climate adaptation is fundamental to scale up action.

This publication documents 15 innovative ideas and actions adopted and implemented by educational institutes in Africa, and across the globe. The purpose of this knowledge product is to provide case study examples on adaptation and climate resilience in schools, to offer insights to schools based in Africa, and to amplify real life climate adaptation actions that have been designed and implemented in different countries across the world.

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