There is a lot of adaptation that we need to initiate in our countries regarding our infrastructures, our transportation, and a variety of aspects we experience everyday,” said Kharouna Talla from Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar, who participated in the Global Center on Adaptation’s inaugural Climate Adaptation Changemakers School.

The 2023 Climate Adaptation Changemakers School brought together climate change, infrastructure and environmental experts from Ghana, Kenya, the Netherlands, Senegal, and Uganda for five days of capacity building and knowledge exchange in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Designed to bridge the gap between climate science, policy and practice impeding effective adaptation, the School provided information and technical support to practitioners to improve the robustness of the climate science basis in developing and implementing adaptation projects. The School included interactive lectures, co-learning workshops, and field visits aimed at enhancing the capacity of professionals to design, implement and monitor effective climate change adaptation projects with a focus on infrastructure and nature-based solutions.

The Changemakers School was delivered as part of the Africa Adaptation Acceleration Program’s strategy to embed technical capacity within the institutions and countries where GCA works. More Changemakers Schools are planned in the future to continue this work. Learn more

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