CEO’s Youth Advisory Panel 2024

T he Youth Advisory Panel is a a 12-member gender and geographically-balanced team from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, Middle East and North Africa, and Oceania and Small Island Developing States.  It is built on the principles of openness, inclusion and transparency to ensure a fair representation of the Youth Adaptation Network (YAN).

Roles and responsibilies

Members of the CEO’s Youth Advisory Panel 2024 advise the CEO of GCA regarding strategic issues to drive the adaptation agenda. Specifically, they:  

  • Provide strategic advice to the CEO of GCA, the Youth Leadership and Education program, and other GCA programs and activities.   
  • Engage with GCA’s work including thematic Youth Adaptation Forums and training.   
  • Support advocacy efforts, such as amplifying adaptation campaigns, promoting youth perspectives in adaptation policy- and decision-making, and engaging with the rest of the youth adaptation movement.  
  • Raise awareness amongst young people on the adaptation agenda and amplify educational resources such as the factsheets for young people on climate adaptation and the ‘Toolkit for Youth on Adaptation & Leadership‘.  

The term of the CEO’s Youth Advisory Panel 2024 is one year, from January to December 2024. 

For any questions, please contact the Youth Leadership and Education team at  

Youth Advisory Panel 2024

Kolade Victor Otokiti


Ivy Wambui Muchoki


Ashley Lashley


Adolfo Urquizo


Nikka Gerona


Salim Stokey

The Netherlands

Sofia Barbeiro


Anusha Seechurn


Julia Tubang

Papua New Guinea

Rabeb Aloui


Ahmed Fathy


Joyee Chakma


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