Enhancing Coastal Resilience Through Nature-Based Solutions

This is a private event

Dhaka, Bangladesh

26 September 2023, 10:00 Dhaka Time

The Stakeholder Workshop has the objective to promote climate resilience and adaptation to in Bangladesh in the adaptation agenda. The workshop will be hosted in BUET where BUET experts and participants from various relevant Government and Non-Government organizations will participate by exchanging ideas in climate resilient infrastructure development and adaptation options considering nature-based solutions. 

Event description

Based upon shared priorities on adaptation, GCA and IWFM aim to establish a partnership to scale up adaptation in Bangladesh. The collaboration will focus on scaling up adaptation for resilient infrastructure through up to five separate interventions. Specific interventions will be developed through consultations between GCA and IWFM and will include a focus on four priority areas covering national investment pipelines, asset level investment resilience, capacity for mainstreaming climate adaptation, and disruptive technologies for resilient infrastructure. The first of these interventions aims to implement activities with the broad goal of developing climate data and analytics at the town level that will inform capacity-building activities for Bangladeshi institutions to integrate adaptation and Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) into infrastructure planning processes and conclude with a knowledge base for NBS investments in coastal regions in Bangladesh.  
Key objectives:
The proposed intervention aims to: (i) address data gaps on climate hazards and nature-based assets to prioritize adaptation and resilience options that can be integrated into town masterplans in Bangladesh; (ii) strengthen local, institutional and national capacity of practitioners to translate climate data into actionable inputs for infrastructure planning processes, integrating adaptation and NBS into investments decisions; (iii) identify the potential costs and benefits of NBS to address climate hazards and to protect or replace infrastructure assets and services in coastal regions; iv) support at least 3 youth-led enterprises with grants and training to incubate and accelerate emerging technology solutions for climate resilient infrastructure; v) support four additional specific interventions developed through consultations between GCA and IWFM and will include a focus on four priority areas