Green Bonds for Climate Resilience – A Guide for Issuers

This Guide is intended to encourage and support a greater number of actors, and the banks that are financing them, to
issue green bonds to tap the capital markets to raise the finance needed for climate adaptation and resilience. Encouraging and supporting these early movers would in turn help to create a virtuous circle of greater issuer and investor experience and confidence to catalyse the mobilisation of finance for climate resilience action at scale.

The Guide provides practical guidance to issuers of all types – sovereigns, sub-sovereigns, financial institutions, and corporates on how to raise capital in the green bond market for investment in climate adaptation and resilience (hereafter
referred to more simply as climate resilience). It can also act as a useful guide for investors to refer to when evaluating
the credibility of climate resilience claims by issuers. It is designed as a practical tool, addressing and providing solutions to some of the most common challenges and frequently asked questions faced by those issuing bonds for climate resilience investments, drawing on an emerging but growing body of regulatory and market guidance and the experience of others who have gone before. The table below provides a summary of the FAQs and associated guidance.

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