Young People and Drivers and Barriers to Climate Adaptation Action

Young people are key stakeholders in climate change adaptation as well as current and future decision-makers. Their engagement locally, nationally, and internationally are vital for building resilience and for developing effective adaptation policies.

This study aims to understand factors that enhance engagement of young people in adaptation action worldwide, drawing on surveys and interviews. Specifically, the study intends to answer four questions:

  • What are the perceptions about climate impacts and successful adaptation methods?
  • What are the factors that contribute (or inhibit) engagement of young people across various levels?
  • Are young people willing to make lifestyle changes for effective climate action?
  • How have extreme weather events impacted or led to engagement at local level?

The study highlights perspectives from young people in Africa who were affected by cyclones and floods, to understand the impacts of extreme weather events as well as their contributions towards building resilience.

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