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Building Gender-Inclusive Infrastructure Strategies for Climate Resilience in Africa

26 April 2024

Emma Mayhew and Grace Muinga

Assessing Climate Risk for Resilience Planning: Five Lessons from African Cities

31 October 2023

Christopher Chung, Joep Verhagen, Dr. Ede Ijjasz-Vásquez, and Prof. Jamal Saghir

GCA places informal settlement communities in Monrovia at the heart of adaptation solutions

6 October 2023

Marijn Kallenberg

Making Water Central to Climate Action: A Message for the UN 2023 Water Conference

22 March 2023

Feisal Rahman and Joep Verhagen

Protecting Wildlife in a Changing Climate: Four Powerful Adaptation Strategies

3 March 2023

Gabriela Díaz Musmanni

5 reasons why floating development is set to take the world by storm

17 October 2022

Gabriela Díaz Musmanni

The Delta Blues: Why Climate Change Adaptation is Crucial in the World’s Deltas

11 February 2022

Gabriela Díaz Musmanni

5 Ways Wetlands are Crucial to Climate Change Adaptation

2 February 2022

Gabriela Díaz Musmanni

Water Adaptation Community holds webinar on benefits and challenges of large-scale Nature-based Solutions to Accelerate Adaptation

14 October 2021

Gabriela Díaz Musmanni