Statement from Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in support of the ‘COP26 Leaders’ Event: Africa Adaptation Acceleration Summit’

Dear Excellencies,
Ladies and gentlemen,
We must never stop trying to mitigate the climate crisis.
We need to cut emissions drastically. All of us.
But science is clear. Even if we were are to reach zero emission now, we would still have to live with the consequences of global warming for decades to come. Climate change adaptation is needed.
Climate change affects everyone, but everyone is not affected equally.
Who you are, or where you live, greatly determines how you are affected by climate change.  
You all know that better than most.
We need to enhance resilience for the most vulnerable countries.
A healthy planet can give us all that we need – food, natural resources, jobs and opportunities.
Rich biodiversity and healthy ecosystems both help mitigate climate change and contribute to climate adaptation. Restoring Africa’s landscapes and seascapes and preserving its rich nature, while sustainably producing food and materials for growing populations, must be part of the solution.
As you may know, we are doubling of our climate finance to 1,75 billion US Dollars in 2025. We will allocate roughly half of our climate finance to adaptation.
But we need to do more to live up to our financing goals.
Sweden will continue to be a friend to Africa.
We will continue to support GCA’s Africa program and the Adaptation Fund.
In parallel with these adaptation efforts we will continue supporting our African partners as they embark on a green transition. Climate finance is key to unlocki investments into renewable energy and other green technologies. Sweden will continue to provide both the finance and the technology – and our partnership.
Thank you.

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