Youth Adaptation Dialogues

F rom June to December 2021, the GCA’s Youth Adaptation Network hosted monthly Youth Adaptation Dialogues to provide a platform for youth to lead the way in adaptation action.
The Dialogues focused on topics such as the role of education for locally-led action, climate resilient cities, and gender and climate change. The intergenerational dialogues brought together various stakeholders, including youth activists and experts.
The webinars aimed to:

  • Create a platform for intergenerational dialogue among policy makers, global experts and young leaders, amplifying youth voices; 
  • Raise awareness and elevate public discussion about the key role that young people play in driving the adaptation agenda; 
  • Increase adaptation literacy on key topics such as: agriculture & food security, infrastructure & nature-based solutions, finance, water, locally-led adaptation;   
  • Showcase good practices on adaptation and innovative solutions to increase climate resilience; 
  • Foster cooperation among young people who continuously advocate for climate change adaptation and can serve as change makers in their communities.  

Watch the Youth Adaptation Dialogues

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