Adaptation Futures 2020 Capacity Building Week: Masterclass on State & Trends in Adaptation: Governance & Young People


1 October 2021, 12:30 CEST

This webinar features young people as key stakeholders in climate change adaptation and discusses state and trends in adaptation governance.

Event description:

The Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) published the first State and Trends in Adaptation report earlier this year during the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS 2021), which takes stock of climate adaptation action and provides recommendations on best practices in adapting to the effects of climate change and building resilience to climate risks. In advance of the 2021 UN Climate Conference in Glasgow, GCA will publish a special report, dedicated to state and trends in climate adaptation in Africa.

This webinar invites participants to discuss state and trends in adaptation governance, and to set priorities in understanding, supporting and accelerating climate adaptation action around the world.

This webinar will also feature young people as key stakeholders in climate change adaptation and as current and future decision-makers. Their engagement locally, nationally, and internationally are vital for building resilience and for developing effective adaptation policies.

Drawing from personal experiences, recent research, and GCA’s ‘Young People and Drivers and Barriers to Climate Adaptation Action’ report, an expert panel discusses perceptions about climate impacts and successful adaptation; factors that contribute (or inhibit) engagement by young people; and the willingness of young people to make lifestyle changes for effective climate action.


  • Welcome remarks: Adaptation Futures Secretariat

Part 1: State & Trends in Adaptation governance

  • Dr Michiel Schaeffer, Chief Scientists, Global Centre on Adaptation

Part 2: Young People and Drivers and Barriers to Adaptation Action

  • Introduction and brief overview of main findings of the report – Dr Sander Chan, Senior Scientist Non-State Climate Action, Global Centre on Adaptation
  • The role of education as a driver of adaptation action – Srishti Singh, Programme Coordinator, Climate Change, Centre for Environment Education
  • The role of networks as a driver of adaptation action in Africa – Joshua Amponsem, Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO)
  • How do young people transition from being affected by climate impacts to becoming empowered as champions of climate adaptation action? – Kevin Chang, Kai Analytics and Survey Research
  • Sharing experiences as a “GCA young leader” – Mishel Mohan, Research Analyst, Global Centre on Adaptation