World Water Week 2021


23 – 27 August 2021, 10:00 CEST

World Water Week is an annual conference on global water issues, organized by Stockholm International Water Institute. Here, organizations from all sectors and all regions of the world gather to find solutions to the world’s greatest water-related challenges. 

Event description:

The Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) is participating in two seminars during World Water Week.

SIWI Seminar: Urban water resilience, from utopia to reality

This seminar is convened by ENDA tiers-monde, GCA, Megacities Alliance for Water and Climate – UNESCO, Stockholm International Water Institute, and World Bank Group.

Session 1: Staying ahead of the wave – Global resilience champions
23 August 2021, 14:00-15:00 CEST
This session aims to respond to the question: “Is urban water resilience attainable?” Global leaders from different sectors will share how they are contributing to urban resilience so that cities can face whatever comes their way, from a policy, financial, technical and community perspective.


  • Welcome: Maria Angelica Sotomayor, World Bank and Alexandros Makarigakis, UNESCO and Megacities Alliance
  • Short interviews of Urban Water Resilience Champions:
    Cristina Arango, Bogota Water Utility
    Monica Porto, SABESP, Sao Paulo
    Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, Mayor of Free Town, Sierra Leone
    Sheela Patel, Slum Dwellers International
    Evangeline M. Clemente, Manila Water
    Patrick Ollier, Mayor of the Metropole du Grand Paris
    Xanthea Limberg, Municipality of Cape Town
  • Key messages: Katrin Bruebach, Resilient Cities Network

Session 2: Looking behind the curtain – Critical factors influencing resilience today
24 August 2021, 15:00-16:00 CEST
This session will build on findings from Session 1 and identify critical factors that lead to urban water resilience. After exploring the need for resilience in today’s environment, two different panels will explore city-wide and bottom–up approaches to resilience-building and discuss how they complement each other.


  • Welcome: Joep Verhagen, Global Centre on Adaptation, SIWI SPC Member and Fernando Armendaris, World Bank
  • Key note: Principles of building urban water resilience:
    Tony Wong, Water Sensitive Cities and Louise Ellis, ARUP
  • Panel 1 : City-wide approaches towards urban resilience 
    Resilient and inclusive financial models: José Araujo
    Developing a blue-green-grey infrastructure: Shreya Nath
    Water-sensitive revitalisation of urban slums: Kerrie Burge
    Moderated discussion with panellists
  • Panel 2 : Communities, a driving force towards urban resilience
    Word-Up! Amplifying citizen voices: Pendo Hyera
    The critical role of households: Adrian Healy
    Actionable knowledge from city front-liners: Yasmina El Amine
    Moderated discussion with panellists 
  • Key messages: Mike Webster, City of Cape Town

Session 3: A conversation around the world – Europe and Asia roundtables
25 August 2021, 11:00-12:25 CEST
Participants will be invited to respond to the question “How can we scale up and sustain efforts to mainstream urban water resilience?”, through a live, dynamic and interactive conversation, making sure that Regional Voices are heard.


  • Welcome: Gyewoon Choi, Incheon National University, Member of the SIWI SPC, and Francois Brikke, Mott Macdonald, Member of the SIWI SPC
  • Videos showing the key messages from Session 1 and Session 2
  • Live Poll engaging all participants on questions related to the theme ‘Urban water resilience – A utopia or a reality?’
  • Breakout 1 – Europe
    Live reaction from the participants to the results of the poll
    Discussion with key sector actors:
    Corinne Trummsdorff, Water Cities
    Alexandra Serra, Aguas de Portugal
    Fiona Babour, Mott Macdonald
    Oriana Romano, OECD
  • Breakout 2 – Asia
    Live reaction from the participants to the results of the poll
    Discussion with key sector actors:
    Oswar Mungkasa, Jakarta Resilience Program
    Jong-jin Lee, K-water, Republic of Korea,
    Jiahong LIU, IWHR, China
    Louise Dudley, Queensland, Australia
    Pirouz Hanachi, Mayor of Tehran, Iran
  • Plenary with feedback from Breakout rooms
  • Exit Poll on lessons learnt from the sessions and conclusions

SIWI Seminar: Climate finance for a green Covid-19 recovery

Aiping Chen, GCA Regional Director, China is participating in session 1 of this seminar convened by Asian Development Bank, Development Bank of Southern Africa Inter-American Development Bank, Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica, and Stockholm International Water Institute

Session 1: Climate finance and water: A value proposition for people and the planet
23 August 2021, 19:00-20:00 CEST
This session emphasizes value creation through climate finance in water, by underscoring the need for a better, greener approach after the COVID-19 pandemic. It will discuss service and financial gaps, the suitability of existing financing tools, the role of innovation, and how to create more value by increasing climate finance.


  • Welcoming remarks: Sergio Campos, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Moderator: Dhesigen Naidoo, Water Research Commission
  • Keynote Speaker: Andrea Meza, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Costa Rica
  • Panel Discussion
    Chris Fischer, Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik (LBST) GmbH
    Saliem Fakir, African Climate Foundation
    Aiping Chen, Global Center on Adaptation
  • Case studies:
    Pilar Galindo, The Nature Conservancy
    Michael Vice, Pegasys
    Mónica Altamirano, Deltares
  • Closing remarks: Dhesigen Naidoo, Water Research Commission